1. EPH Apparel Fitting – March 2014

    I tagged along when some of the guys in the Dentistry Faculty at the University of Manitoba went for a fitting at EPH Apparel’s downtown location in Winnipeg. EPH offers custom, made-to-measure clothing for less. Go check them out!

  2. Jessica – February 2014

    Another awesome headshot session in my home studio! Jessica, a post-baccalaureate soprano, needed some new photos. I’ve known her for quite some time now, and I’m glad I got the opportunity to take her new shots! 

  3. "Lost and Found" University of Manitoba Opera Theatre – March 2014

    My fourth and final year performing with the U of M Opera Theatre Program. What a pleasure it has been to share the stage with some incredible singers and great friends. I brought my camera along, although, being in the show, it was difficult to take photos! I managed to snap a few while on the side of the stage.

    I wanted to keep it simple; there is something so timeless about black and white.

    Excerpts included: Eugene Onegin - Tchaikovsky, Dialogue of the Carmelites - Poulenc, Egisto - Cavalli, and Don Giovanni - Mozart.

  4. Ana – February 2014

    After shooting her headshots, Ana and I wandered around for a bit and took advantage of a warm winter day in Winnipeg, which has been extremely rare this year! I’m a huge fan of her HBC Blanket Coat; the colours really popped against the stark blue palette of winter.

  5. Ana – February 2014

    My first project of Reading Week was to set up a mini-studio in one of the rooms in the house. Ana was the first person I got to photograph in the space and am I every satisfied with it. Plus, Ana’s new headshots look awesome (if I say so myself!). I love the tighter crop on these: it draws all of one’s focus on her.

  6. Markian [2] – December 2013

    Disclaimer: There will no doubt be a couple more posts from the studio rental with Markian. Haha. We wanted to shoot some new headshots in the rented space. Given I usually shoot with natural light, it was a blast to play around with a lighting set up!

  7. Wes – December 2013

    Another friend from the Faculty of Music at the University of Manitoba who needed some new shots done. I must say, that first shot is killer.

  8. Larissa – January 2014

    With her final University project-a book, featuring interviews with Winnipeg seniors!-almost complete, Larissa needed a headshot for the inside cover. I’ve known her for over a decade, and was happy to snap a photo or two! You can check out book details here, and some of her writing here!

  9. Geneva – January 2014 

    Starting the new year off with what I shoot most often: headshots. Geneva, a classmate of mine, needed some updated photos. After watching “The Art Behind the Headshot” by Peter Hurley, I must say, I like the tighter crop of the first image. However, for a singer, it’s always necessary to have the standard, for those features in programs.

    Looking forward to the new year and new work!


  10. One year ago, I created my Tumblr account to post my photos and see my photo progression. After a year, I can say I’m satisfied with my work and look forward to what the new year, 2014, will bring!