1. "Catharsis" Rip/Torn Collective – September 2014

    The Rip/Torn Collective Issue 04 launch took place on Saturday at the Rudolf Rocker Cultural Centre in association with Nuit Blanche Winnipeg. Entitled “Catharsis”, artists were given two items: a truth (at random) and a mirror with the rest left to their creative interpretation. Watch out for what’s to come from these talented people! 

  2. Anne-Marie – September 2014

    Went out exploring with Anne-Marie who needed some portraits done. Can’t complain about the recent fall weather in Winnipeg - it has been gorgeous!

  3. Ben – September 2014

    One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, Ben was an absolute pleasure to work with. Definitely been enjoying the flash in the studio and the crisp look it offers.

  4. University of Manitoba FROSH Music Fest - September 2014 

    Had the incredible opportunity to photograph in the pit at the U of M Frosh Music Fest featuring headliner Tiesto. Definitely one of the most challenging, exhilarating and rewarding photographic experiences in a while. Note to self: keep shooting concerts.

  5. Julie – August 2014

    In need of some new headshots, I’m glad that Julie messaged me to get them done. She’s got the most infectious laugh.

  6. Clear Lake, Manitoba – September Long Weekend, 2014

    Spent the last weekend of summer at Clear Lake. What a wonderful way to say “goodbye” to summer.

  7. Lisa – August 2014

    One of the most stupendous collaborative pianists, Lisa was a joy to work with. In need of a few new headshots, I chose (read: triggers broke and had no flash) to shoot Lisa’s with all with natural light.

  8. #WHPlinemeetscorner – August 2014

    Wandered around the University of Manitoba campus a few weeks back with Mike for the instagram Weekend Hashtag Project “linemeetscorner.” Shooting with both the iPhone and the DSLR, here are some pics from the latter.

  9. New York City – July 2014

    Finally got around to going through and editing some of the pictures from New York. I’ve never been so overwhelmed in my life; everything was suddenly a picture that I needed to take - straight tourist mode.

    Now that I know what to expect, I cannot wait to go back. What a city!

  10. New York City (Instagram) - July 2014 

    As I comb through photos taken in the DSLR, I wanted to post a few images taken on the iPhone.

    Brooklyn Bridge, MoMA, Freedom Tower, Times Square

    What an amazing city.