1. Jessina – June 2014

    Shot in the home studio with a new setup - with which I’m very pleased! Jessina was an absolute pleasure to work with and I really dig these final images.

  2. Manly Men, Manly Things: Nopaming Provincial Park – July 2014

    Swimming, tenting, mosquitoes, fires, burgers, mosquitoes, brews, football, cliff jumping, mosquitoes, etc. = a great guys’ weekend in Manitoba.

  3. Doors Open Winnipeg – May 2014

    Getting the opportunity to explore one’s own city is always a blast. This year, I met up with Mike (@93mp) and we explored some rooftops in the Exchange district.

  4. Mom’s Office – May 2014

    After 34 years in this space, my mom is retiring from teaching at the University of Winnipeg. Congrats, mom!

  5. Myron – March 2014

    Taken in the home-studio with Myron, a buddy who needed some new shots done. I’ve been sitting on a number of headshot sessions that I have not gotten around to posting. More to come! 

  6. Kotor, Montenegro – May 2014

    Definitely one of the most breathtaking places I have ever been. So thankful that the University Singers had the chance to perform in this amazing town.

  7. Hungary / Serbia – April 2014

    Images taken in Pécs, Hungary as well as Novisad and Belgrade in Serbia while on tour with the University of Manitoba Singers.

  8. Budapest – April 2014

    As a member of the University of Manitoba Singers, I had the opportunity to travel to Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro performing in various cities over two weeks. I’ll be posting some of my favourite photos from the tour. What an incredible way to finish my degree.

  9. Harrington/Loewen Duo “Metropolis” CD Release – April, 2014

    Allen and Laura (two professors of at the University of Manitoba) launched their first CD, Metropolis, at the gorgeous Alexus Gallery in St. Vital. In association with GroundSwell, an organization dedicated to promoting the best new music in Winnipeg, it was a wonderful success combining great food, an inspiring space and exciting new music.

  10. EPH Apparel Fitting – March 2014

    I tagged along when some of the guys in the Dentistry Faculty at the University of Manitoba went for a fitting at EPH Apparel’s downtown location in Winnipeg. EPH offers custom, made-to-measure clothing for less. Go check them out!